Business Resilience

Business resilience planning is a sound commercial investment where the benefits far outweigh the costs. Not having a course of action if a devastating disaster or service interruption occurs may result in total loss of the business or significant reputational damage. Additionally regulatory, shareholder and governance obligations to protect the lives and assets of the organization need to be safeguarded.

Business Resilience Plan

An effective business resiliency plan must include an integrated and synchronized approach across all stages of a disaster event timeline.

How MSI can help
We can assist you in conducting various components of business resilience plan as mentioned above. Following will be critical steps while proceeding for the plan:

Prepare ·   Business impact analysis

·   Business continuity plan

·   Insurance arrangements

·   Training and awareness sessions

·   Scenario based exercises

·   Resilience and risk management maturity assessment

Respond ·   Emergency response plan

·   Crisis management plan

Recovery ·   IT disaster recovery services
Restore ·   Business continuity services

·   Lessons learned