Internal Audit and Compliance

Why we need Internal Audit

Internal Audit acts as a catalyst in upscaling the organization’s operations, risk management practices and governance. Due to this pivotal role, it is highly desirable that Internal audit should be in compliant with IIA standards and code of ethics, equipped with right set of resources and technology and obtain regular advises from industry experts. However, the current scarcity of human resources due to pandemic has severely affected all the business functions within the organizations including Internal Audit. Consequently, Internal Audit departments are not able to completely meet their annual audit plans, timely reporting of risk and controls issues within the organizations, fulfilling the expectations of board and audit committees and leaving the organizations vulnerable for potential GRC issues.

How Can we add value

Our consultants perform in a systematic and disciplined approach which aligns stakeholder expectations with leading internal audit practices and ensures the internal audit activity is in compliant with IIA standards,  definition, code of ethics and operating at an appropriate level of performance that adds significant value to the organization.

Services offered

We are providing following solutions to our prestigious clients:

  • Internal Audit Services
  • IT Audit services
  • Compliance reviews
  • Review of Internal Audit charter/Manual/policies
  • Review of Internal Audit effectiveness
  • Internal Audit Transformation
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators
  • External Quality assessment
  • Independent validation of self-assessment