3 Types of Burnout: How to Recognize Them and Overcome Them

Do you know someone who’s suffering from burnout? It’s not just about being overworked and exhausted. Burnout can manifest in different ways depending on a person’s work environment and internal resources. As an HR outsourcing company in UAE , The MSI Group understands the importance of addressing burnout in the workplace. In this article, we’ll look at three types of burnout and how our HR outsourcing services can help overcome them.

Overload Burnout 

Overload burnout occurs when you work harder and more frantically to achieve success, often to the detriment of your health and personal life. This is the most common type of burnout and typically affects highly dedicated employees who feel obligated to work at an unsustainable pace. Signs to watch out for include overlooking your own needs, investing more than is healthy in your career, and endangering your well-being to achieve your goals.

How to address it: 

Researchers note that the way out of overload burnout is two-fold. First, it’s important to develop stronger emotion regulation skills such as naming and processing your emotions and reframing negative self-talk. Second, try to reframe the belief that you need to work all the time to be successful. Instead, remind yourself that resting is not a reward for success but a prerequisite for performance.

Under-Challenged Burnout 

You might be surprised to find out that burnout can result from doing too little. Under-challenged burnout occurs when you’re bored and not stimulated by your job, which leads to a lack of motivation. Workers who feel their tasks are monotonous and unfulfilling tend to lose passion and become cynical and lethargic. Signs to watch out for include wanting to work on more challenging tasks, feeling that your job does not offer opportunities to develop your abilities, and feeling that your current role is hampering your ability to advance and develop your talents.

How to address it: 

When you’re demoralized, it can be hard to care about much of anything. Lower the stakes by simply exploring your curiosities. Set a goal to learn a new skill in the next 30 days to kickstart your motivation. Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. Perhaps you spend an hour or two a week learning to code or devote 20 minutes a day practicing a new language.

Neglect Burnout 

Neglect burnout, also called worn-out subtype, results from feeling helpless in the face of challenges. It occurs when you aren’t given enough structure, direction, or guidance in the workplace. Over time, this can make you feel incompetent, frustrated, and uncertain. Signs to watch out for include giving up in response to obstacles or setbacks, feeling demoralized when you have to face another day at work, and stopping trying when work situations don’t go as planned.

How to address it: 

Find ways to regain a sense of agency over your role. Try creating a to-don’t list. What can you get off your plate by outsourcing, delegating, or delaying? Look for obligations you need to say “no” to altogether and hone the skill of setting stronger boundaries. A great place to start is by identifying situations where you feel an intense sense of resentment. This is an emotional signal that you need to put healthier limits in place.

As an HR outsourcing company, The MSI Group recognizes the importance of addressing burnout in the workplace. By providing support and guidance, we can help employees overcome burnout and achieve work-life balance, skill development, and a sense of agency over their role. Contact us to learn more about our HR outsourcing services and how we can help your organization overcome burnout.

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